How Airhead Is Supporting MATs

Airhead is your Trust cloud strategy

Our Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) customers tell us that, whether you’re large or small, there are three key challenges:

  • Create a MAT brand and culture that brings schools together
  • Promote sharing and collaboration to enhance teaching and learning
  • Offer shared services and central management to reduce costs

Here’s how Airhead is rapidly becoming the cloud platform of choice for reliably delivering these requirements:

Create a MAT brand and culture that brings schools together

Airhead is a Bett award-winning cloud desktop that will bring together all your digital resources in one place and make them available on any device. You can customise Airhead with your MAT brand so it looks and feels like a single cloud desktop for the whole MAT. Airhead can link to any source (or multiple sources) of identity for signing in. It also fully integrates with both Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite for Education. Most importantly, Airhead is very easy to manage and use so that staff and students alike will quickly adopt it.

Promote sharing and collaboration to enhance teaching and learning

Airhead supports collaboration across schools by offering simple methods for sharing digital resources. Airhead has a digital noticeboard for sharing news and a Facebook-style stream called Channel for sharing notices. The core sharing tools are launchpads and flightdecks, both of which can be used for sharing with individuals, groups and roles. They’re easy to create and groups are pre-populated through integration with MIS, Active Directory, Office 365 or Google G Suite which means staff can share at the click of a button.

Offer shared services and central management to reduce costs

More and more services are moving to the cloud and the focus is no longer the Windows desktop. It’s the cloud desktop. With Airhead, you can not only deliver all your web-based resources from one place but, with Airhead 360, you can also offer full applications, like Microsoft Office, in the browser. Airhead 360 brings the reality of server-free schools within your reach. It removes the need to manage the local device – you only need manage the cloud desktop. This is the opportunity to build shared services which will drive down the cost of ICT by removing the need to manage servers in every school.

“Airhead is more than a product. It’s a cloud strategy designed for Multi-Academy Trusts.” Tom Evans, Technical Systems Manager, Ted Wragg Multi Academy Trust

Airhead is already supporting positive outcomes for MATs across the UK and we’d love the opportunity to tell you how.

Meet Airhead 360!

A total cloud solution for schools

Airhead is the Bett award-winning cloud desktop that allows staff, students and parents to discover, use and share the very best the Web has to offer. Now Airhead 360 brings you Windows applications in your browser too!

When you run all your software in an Internet browser, you can open it on any device including PCs, laptops, Chromebooks, Macs, iPads and smartphones. That means access anytime, anywhere on any device for all your software.

The Beeches, a primary school in Peterborough with over 600 pupils, invested in Airhead 360 in 2016. The head, Tim Smith, wanted to enhance the use of technology in teaching and learning at the same time as reducing the overall cost of delivery. They no longer have servers on-site and the management of ICT is much simpler. They can open all their tools and resources on any device in a safe and secure way. The bill for running ICT is now predictable, managable and affordable.

“We’re more than happy.” Tim Smith, Headteacher

Let us show you how Airhead 360 will drive down the cost of ICT for you!

Why should I buy Airhead?

The award winning open learning portal

Everyone’s moving to the cloud and education is no exception. ‘Cloud’ means your digital resources anywhere, anytime on any device and that’s good for teachers, learners, leaders and administrators. It saves time. It saves money. It supports collaboration. But there are challenges. Too many accounts. Too many passwords. Too many resources. No organisation.

Airhead is the Bett award-winning cloud desktop that meets this challenge and will save you time and money by making it quick and easy to access digital resources from any location, on any device. It is the ultimate open learning portal for education. One account. One password. All your resources in one place. And that’s just the beginning…

Airhead gives you the freedom to choose the web apps and resources you use. Want to blog? Use WordPress or Blogger. Want to upload a video? Use Vimeo or YouTube. Want to put your files in the cloud? Use Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. Choose from thousands of web apps and resources, or create your own in a few seconds. Airhead lets you to use the best of the web.

Launchpads allow you to curate and share links to all of your web based resources. Single sign on technology makes password management easier. Flightdecks bring all of your data and rich media together to make beautiful resources for productivity and teaching and learning. Combined with world class integration with Office 365 and Google G Suite, Airhead covers everything. You can work anytime, anywhere and on any device. All you need is a web browser. So easy to manage!

Find out how The Beeches Primary School uses Airhead and Office 365 to improve teaching, learning and productivity both in school and from home.

“Airhead provides staff with an easy-to-use platform to access a range of digital resources, including Microsoft Office 365 and other learning applications, that improve teaching, learning and productivity.”


David French, IT Leader

Or read about Ormiston Primary who use Airhead and Google G Suite to provide a single, consistent interface to pupils and staff in school and at home.

“Airhead is a single, consistent platform that pupils use regardless of device or location. Staff love the interface and that the user experience is the same in school as it is from home. We love Airhead!.”


Mrs Helen Gardyne, Headteacher

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Supercharge Google G Suite with Airhead!

Airhead simplifies G Suite for teachers and learners

Airhead makes it super simple to harness the best of Google G Suite for teachers and learners. Launchpads and flightdecks allow you to share G Suite data and resources easily with colleagues and students. What’s more, you can mix in the best of the web by using Airhead’s carefully curated library of over 2000 great resources! Airhead can be used anytime, anywhere on any device.

Airhead and G Suite are best friends. You can easily pull your email, calendar items and files into flightdecks to make a powerful dashboard. It just takes a few clicks!

G Suite flightdeck

You sign into Airhead with your existing G Suite username and password so it couldn’t be easier. Just add the apps you want and off you go! Did we mention you can also mix in the best of the web and store passwords for hundreds of other websites?

G Suite launchpad

Airhead in Ormiston Primary School

Ormiston Primary School is a comprehensive state primary school in East Lothian, Scotland. They have a clear vision for how digital technologies can support teaching and learning when used well. Their ‘Digital Ninjas’ are pupils who not only use digital resources to support their learning, but also help to evaluate new tools. When they tested Airhead they gave it the thumbs up and even helped us present at Bett 2016 in London!

Airhead brings all the school’s digital resources together in one place and makes it really simple for staff and pupils to sign into them with a single click on any device, whether in school or at home.

“The integration between Google G Suite and Airhead is phenomenal, particularly the Chromebook experience. Using Chromebooks, pupils can be online in seconds and access all of their resources from Airhead.” – Mrs Helen Gardyne, Headteacher, Ormiston Primary School

Ready the full case study here.

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