Airhead is getting better… again!

Since winning the Innovation in ICT award at Bett 2015, we’ve had a really exciting year. As well as signing up lots of new customers, we’ve been busy preparing to unveil some major updates to Airhead as a direct result of your feedback. We’re now delighted to announce the release of Airhead Version 2! As well as lots of ‘under the bonnet’ improvements, we’ve made Airhead even easier to use. Here are some of the main updates…

  • New user tour – a quick tour of Airhead for new users
  • Hover menu – get to your flightdecks and launchpads more quickly
  • Finder – manage access to your flightdecks and launchpads
  • Noticeboard – an easy way to share information with everyone
  • Website – turn your internal noticeboard into a public website!
  • Branding – customised design to reflect your unique branding

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New user tour – The first time you log on after this update or as a new user, you’ll be taken on a tour of key Airhead features. If you want to see the tour again, just click on your user icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen and select the ‘Take the tour’ option.

Hover menu – We’ve replaced the sidebar with a really easy new way to access your flightdecks and launchpads. Just hover over menu items in the top bar and they will pop up. You can either select the item you want or create a new one by pressing the ‘Create’ button. If you have lots of flightdecks and launchpads, you may notice that the pop-up menu doesn’t include all your items. Don’t panic! They’re still there. Just read on…

Finder – We’ve implemented ‘Finder’ as a new way to manage your flightdecks and launchpads so that you can quickly and easily get to the ones you use most. To open Finder, either click on ‘All launchpads / flightdecks’ in the pop-up menu or simply click the magnifying glass in the top bar. The new ‘Finder’ screen has toggle controls to filter launchpads and flightdecks as well as ‘starred’ items or different categories, e.g. personal or shared. If you ‘star’ an item, it will be prioritised in the pop-up menu so you can get to it quickly. Have a play and we think you’ll get the hang of it really quickly.

Noticeboard – Airhead has a powerful sharing capability and lots of customers have been asking us for a noticeboard feature to target all school users with specific news and information. This new feature means an administrator can configure and share a noticeboard in the top navigation bar and this will be the first place a user is taken when they log in. This means you can be sure your users will see the latest school news and information whenever they login to Airhead. The noticeboard is a flightdeck which means you can configure ‘live’ content such as social media, videos and news feeds. It’s easy and quick to configure and update so that anyone can do it – you don’t need to be a technology guru.

Website – While the noticeboard is for private viewing by your school users, we realise some schools would love to use this same feature to manage their website! Well, we’re happy to oblige so now you can make your noticeboard publicly available via a friendly URL (e.g. or redirect it to your school domain (e.g. to make it your very own website. This is a really inexpensive and easy way to manage your school website. It means that you can update your website in a few seconds and again, you don’t need to be a web master! Not only that, but the website feature is designed to work on any device and will reconfigure for tablets and mobile devices. We think it will transform your public communications via the Web.

Branding – We’ve had lots of requests from local authorities, multi-academy trusts and federations for a more comprehensive branding package. We’ve listened and we’re really excited to offer a package of branding features including custom URLs (, custom login pages designed to reflect your branding, custom logos to replace the Airhead one and finally, custom backgrounds to reinforce your own branding. Together they mean that Airhead will reflect your unique branding.

As ever, you can try Airhead for free by going to and logging in with a personal account. If you want a school trial, email us and we’ll talk to you about how easy it is to integrate Airhead with Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365 or your Management Information System. We’ve really enjoyed creating these new features and improvements for you and we hope you love them too.

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