Airhead version 1.0.6 is now live

We’ve just rolled out an update to Airhead which we think is pretty cool. So cool in fact we’ve given it the descriptive name ‘v1.0.6’.

We think that name says it all, but in case it doesn’t, the big news is that Airhead now automatically works out the role of users (student, teacher, parent) within the establishment.

This means that you can share launchpads with all users of that role without having to a) manually create a group b) manage the membership of that group, and c) remember to manage the group membership every time there’s a change.

So, if you’ve got a launchpad you want every student in the school to get, when a new student joins the school half way through the year, they will automatically just start getting that launchpad as soon as their account is created without you having to do any group management at all.

We think that’s pretty neat.

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