Build your own flightdecks

One of the great things you can do with FlightDecks in Airhead is quickly build beautiful multimedia showcases that enhance teaching and learning. Teachers can bring together digital assets from across the open web and share learning support materials with their classes. Students can showcase their research and project work and share the finished results with their teachers, classmates and family.

In our Planet Earth flightdeck above we have added:

  • The YouTube and Vimeo widgets for embedding videos directly on the flightdeck with onscreen controls and a fullscreen option
  • The SlideShare widget for embedding one of the 15 million presentations on with slide navigation directly from within the widget
  • The Note widget for displaying text and hyperlinks. Here we have pasted some content from Wikipedia
  • The Google Maps widget for embedding interactive maps with panning and zooming
  • The Twitter widget with tweets displayed in a scrollable list with clickthroughs
  • The Content Viewer widget that works with many of the popular media sites that provide embed code for sharing. In this example we have embedded one of the one hundred million high quality, royalty free photos from Getty Images.

We know you’ll have a lot of fun creating your own flightdecks. Stay tuned for some exciting updates we are planning over the coming weeks and months.

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