FlightDecks are now live!

We are really proud to announce that FlightDecks are now available to all our customers. This includes those with free individual accounts and those using the full domain integrated version of Airhead.

Flightdecks bring together content and data with a common theme so teachers can discover, organise and share learning resources and students can showcase their work. The speed, ease and beauty of FlightDecks makes them very cool to build and engaging to use.

Widgets are used to embed content and data from the most popular collaboration and social media sites including YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, SlideShare, MS OneDrive, Google Maps, SoundCloud and more. It takes just a few minutes to add the widgets to a flightdeck and link them to your content.

Not only do they look great, they are dynamic and interactive too. The widgets always display the latest content so they never become stale.Videos can be played directly on the flight deck via onscreen controls or can be opened in full screen mode.

Feeds of data such as Twitter and RSS are scrollable and clickable with links opening in a new browser tab so you never lose your place.

Slideshows can be flicked through both forwards and backwards directly on the flightdeck or opened full-screen or in a new browser tab to focus attention during a lesson.

Try them out and let us know what you think.

We have lots of other ideas for new widgets and features that we’ll be developing over the coming weeks and months so if there is anything you’d love to see then drop us a line. We’ll update the blog with ideas and tips on how to put FlightDecks to work for you and announcements when we make new widgets available.

We think FlightDecks are the perfect complement to LaunchPads and together provide a complete solution to discovering, accessing and sharing the best of the web.

With LaunchPads you can easily bring together links to web apps, tools and content.  Choose from over 1,000 educationally relevant tiles that have been carefully curated and tagged to make them easy to find. If you can’t find what you are looking for then you can create your own tiles in less than a minute and even publish them for others to find.

And just like FlightDecks, LaunchPads can be shared with others in just a few clicks.

We hope you’ll enjoy using these latest features as much as we have enjoyed building them.

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