It’s good to share

We at Airhead are passionate about curating and sharing educational resources. With this in mind, we recently introduced the ability to share LaunchPads with anyone. Now, we are delighted to announce that we have done the same with FlightDecks! From today, you can share your flightdeck via a publicly accessible web address. It is very simple to do:

1. Click the arrow at the top right of the flightdeck and click share:

Flightdeck options

2. Choose the ‘Anyone’ tab and choose to ‘share this flightdeck with anyone’. The web address will be displayed when you save:

Share your flightdeck

That’s it! You can distribute the web address via email or however else you wish. Or you can use the social buttons at the top right of the public flightdeck to post the link to Twitter or Facebook. Once someone clicks ‘Add to Airhead’, they will be subscribed to the flightdeck. Why not add this NASA flightdeck that we have made? Happy sharing!

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