LaunchPads for Revision

It’s that time of year again. Students are spending an inordinate amount of time creating revision timetables in order to put off revising. Well here’s something to help them on their way.

One of the many things that Airhead is really useful for is sharing revision resources. Whether it’s a document, web site or an interactive online resource, LaunchPads will help you can bring them together and share them with students and colleagues.

If you find another resource, just add it to the launchpad and update it for everyone at the click of a button. It’s an incredibly simple but powerful way of organising and curating resources for students to access any time, anywhere on any device, including their smart phones.

By way of example, we’ve included a French A-level revision launchpad below. You also can find the same launchpad in AirBase, our database of literally thousands of curated educational resources. If you want to subscribe to the free version of Airhead and add this launchpad, just click here.

Happy revising!

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