No school is a technology island

Airhead is not just a product. It’s not even just a gateway to the cloud. Airhead is a paradigm change.

Here and now, most schools across the UK are technology islands: separate servers, separate infrastructure, separate technicians and separate budget. This is just about as inefficient as it’s possible to be when it comes to technology. But you can’t blame schools. Where they are is where technology has led them.

That’s all changing. The acceleration of the cloud is phenomenal. In a few short years, the big names in technology – Microsoft, Google, Amazon and IBM – have commoditised the cloud and prices are plummeting. And it’s simple to see why it’s happening. Cheap cloud alternatives mean you no longer have to locate servers in school and manage them yourself. You can put them somewhere else, and let someone else manage everything for you. Server-free schools. Imagine.

It’s not a dream though. Server-free schools are here now and Airhead is the cloud desktop that makes it all possible. It’s the single, open portal that brings all your cloud services together in one place, with one user name and password, available anytime, anywhere on any device.

Not only will Airhead help to reduce your technology bill, but this new paradigm is the future for young people. A recent report by Parliament stated that digital literacy should be taught as a core subject alongside numeracy and literacy. Digital literacy is cloud literacy. It’s the literacy of the digital age and it’s all about being connected.

So to paraphrase John Donne, no school is an island, entire of itself; every school is a piece of the continent. This new paradigm is about connecting, sharing, collaborating and communicating. The Internet is the highway and the cloud is the medium. Your server is no longer the anchor that keeps you safe in a storm. It’s the anchor that is holding you back from embracing the future.

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