Wake up and smell the Web!

The consumer technology revolution is driving a Web revolution and it has profound implications for learning, education and therefore for schools. It’s now possible to deliver a significant proportion of your ICT requirements, if not all for some schools, via the Web. No more servers; no more local technicians; no more outdated software. Just modern applications delivered on any device, anywhere, any time.

But why would you make the transition? Well, a global economy demands a global approach to technology. The reason that businesses are flocking to the Web is not only because their customers are there. They’ve quickly realised that cloud services cost less and that they deliver enhanced productivity.

That might sound odd at first but actually the traditional model of complex enterprise software is fast becoming a thing of the past. Businesses are disaggregating functionality into Web applications that are more intuitive to use, easy to update and that don’t require endless training.

Most importantly, the Web inherently supports communication, collaboration and sharing, key ingredients of sustainable improvement, not only for businesses but for education.

Businesses realise they need to be a part of the global economy in order to thrive and it’s no different for schools. Of course schools want to benefit from cost savings but the main reason to embrace the Web is to prepare young people for working with the technologies that employers are using now. So wake up and smell the Web!

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