Welcome to Channel, an exciting new way to share notices!

The team at Airhead is excited to tell you about the newest arrival to the Airhead family. When logged into Airhead, if you look at the top menu bar, you’ll now see ‘Channel’. Channel is a Facebook-like stream of notices that are shared with you according to your role, e.g. Teaching Staff, Non-teaching Staff or Pupil.

Unlike emails, notices can be scheduled for a future time (or published immediately), set to expire and updated after they’re published. Notices can contain text, pictures, links and videos. There’s a notification counter so you can see how many unread notices you have and when a new one arrives. Most importantly, notices are a safe and secure way to share relevant and targeted information with your school community.

Whether you’re a multi-academy trust, a local authority or an individual school, Channel is designed to improve and streamline communications for you. If you’re an Administrator for a group of schools, you can create notices for roles across all your establishments at the click of a button.

And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve created a ‘Channel’ widget for your flightdeck or noticeboard which will provide you with a summary of your notices at a glance. If you want to read one, just click on it in the widget and you’ll be taken to the full notice in Channel. It couldn’t be easier.

This is the first release of Channel and we’ve restricted the creation of notices to Airhead administrators. If you want to create notices but you’re not an administrator, just drop us a line and we’ll tell your local administrator that you’re interested. If you want some help, go to help.airhead.io where you’ll find ‘how to’ articles for Channel.

We’re always happy to receive feedback. Just send us an email or use the ‘feedback’ facility in Airhead.

For now, we really hope you enjoy Channel!

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