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Airhead at BETT 2015

Well it’s almost here! The biggest annual event in the education technology calendar, BETT 2015. For those few of you not in the know, Bett is the world’s leading learning technology event and has been bringing innovation and inspiration to the education sector for over 30 years. We’ll be there, along with over 35,000 of […]

Airhead: your desktop in the cloud

Archimedes famously said “Give me a place to stand and I shall move the world.” Most of us have less grand ambitions, nevertheless, somewhere to stand that is identifiably ‘ours’ is a recurrent human need. Things are no different in the virtual world. If anything, the proliferation of web apps and online services is making […]

Wake up and smell the Web!

The consumer technology revolution is driving a Web revolution and it has profound implications for learning, education and therefore for schools. It’s now possible to deliver a significant proportion of your ICT requirements, if not all for some schools, via the Web. No more servers; no more local technicians; no more outdated software. Just modern […]